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Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT to tell @HouseGOP: We need to keep guns out of dangerous hands. #DisarmHate https://t.co/5GQU32hagS

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

We owe gun violence victims & their families more than thoughts & prayers. We owe them action. #DisarmHate https://t.co/bHGKhYC2J3

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

Mass gun violence -> moments of silence -> inaction. Let’s break the cycle. #DisarmHate https://t.co/ciBdB9icNc

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @BillPascrell: We are speaking out for sensible, majority-supported gun control measures. #EnoughIsEnough https://t.co/WYD1GY6sfc

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

RT @RepDanKildee: I am proud to be with my Democratic colleagues to say enough. Congress must act to prevent gun violence #DisarmHate https://t.co/wAKfeC9Rqy

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

Talked w/ Bexley City Council last night on curbing gun violence: https://t.co/nt2VI9PNTm #NationalDayofAction https://t.co/ALBwWxwRsb

Jan Schakowsky (D) @janschakowsky

Do you follow me on Facebook? Please do so to keep up with all of the work I do in DC and back in the 9th District. https://t.co/VIpFIxvTT8

Joyce Beatty (D) @RepBeatty

How many more Orlandos, Charlestons, San Bernadinos, & Newtowns until we say #EnoughIsEnough? Let's work together to #DisarmHate.

Rod Blum (R) @BlumforCongress

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