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Guinta4Congress (R) @frankguinta

Lots of support in Goffstown this afternoon. Great day to be outside meeting Granite Staters! #NH01 #NHpolitics http://t.co/oWxPDSVzU1

Dennis Ross (R) @RepDennisRoss

@jlandrith, My bill does not say direct flights. It bans all flights departing or landing in affected Ebola countries; including layovers

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Larry Hogan (R) @ChangeMaryland

RT @bmorerican: "If i were" RT @BrianWilsonDC: @Hogan4Governor "If I was rooting for failure I'd be rooting for you to be governor."

Thom Tillis (R) @ThomTillis

RT @Ron4Senate: Great to see so many people come out in Winston-Salem, NC for @thomtillis on a beautiful afternoon! #ncsen http://t.co/yhn80hO0f6

Paul Clements (D) @Clem4Congress

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @Farrell4Portage: RT if you think @TheScienceGuy and @edbegleyjr should bring their climate activism to #MI06 to help defeat climate denier Fred Upton.

Thomas Ravenel (I) @Thomasravenel

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Two faced Mark Ssnford who is supposedly for liMited government is out campaigning for statist big govt Graham.

Booker for Senate (D) @Booker4Senate

.@CoryBooker at Ballantyne senior center in Newark: "Sin mas accion, no puedos fui progresso."

Joyce Beatty (D) @JoyceBeatty

Watching the parade on campus http://t.co/sX8GXz2Hye

Brian Nestande (R) @BrianNestande

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#NowPlaying Gypsy Kings on #Spotify http://t.co/fJ72iqecMh

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David Cox (D) @DavidCoxFL

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RT @UniteBlueFL: MT @bjs5555 | USHS #FL 06 - TIME FOR CHANGE 2014 - ELECT David Cox (D) @DavidCox2014 to Congress #UniteBlue #P2 http://t.co/8yLJyypzBM

Rep. Lee Terry (R) @LEETERRYNE

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
I'm please the President called for a national #databreach notification standard today. I've been leading those efforts in the House.

Lee Terry (R) @voteterry

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
It's a shame that Washington Democrats would falsify my record as a supporter of our men and women in uniform & I'm glad the ad was removed.

Mark Udall (D) @MarkUdall2014

Politwoops no longer follows this account.
RT @iamtraceyc: @MarkUdall2014 proved tonight that he’s the right person to lead #CO. Let’s keep him in the Senate. #copolitics #cosen #9NEWS

Andrew Cuomo (D) @NYGovCuomo

Rochester’s College Town, the $100M shopping, dining & residential district is open for business. Rendering: http://t.co/MNIcsLMIhi

US Rep E.B.Johnson (D) @RepEBJ

Be sure to watch @newsnation today with @tamronhall at 10AM CST/11AM CST for an update on Ebola in the U.S. I'll be on air!

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