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Reid Ribble (R) @RepRibble

RT @kjon: Congratulations, @RepRibble, on earning the "Conservative of the Year" award from @RightWisconsin tonight! https://t.co/2JDQXBCqN6

Gwen Moore (D) @RepGwenMoore

Wisconsin's #VoterID law is troubling for many reasons from it's discriminatory nature to the capacity to enforce it https://t.co/MELlLgOf7n

Mark Kirk (R) @SenatorKirk

I have demanded those responsible @HinesVAH be fired for their mistreatment of #veterans https://t.co/J6VzJv3maB

Carolyn B. Maloney (D) @RepMaloney

Today we honor Jane Schreiber, the woman who saw something & said something. Thanks to her the second bomb in Chelsea was reported to police

Carolyn B. Maloney (D) @RepMaloney

RT @JessLappin: Fun fact: Govtrack ranks .@RepMaloney #1 House Dem for Leadership.Not surprising news for those of us who work w/her https://t.co/s09evtX0Kx

Ed Royce (R) @EdRRoyce

.@safetychick helped me write & pass the 1st #antistalking law. Proud to have her support in #CA39: https://t.co/5jsawAFQIn @OCGOP @CAGOP

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) @lisamurkowski

Happy to see so many Alaskans show up at the Children’s Lunchbox, a @BeansCafeAK program, "Nourish Their Dreams" fu… https://t.co/EmGAX3pbWN

Mark Kirk (R) @SenatorKirk

Veterans should not be disrespected by being left in the morgue for months - those responsible need to be fired https://t.co/8PJgNWQvzA

Mark Kirk (R) @SenatorKirk

Veterans should not be disrespected by being left in the morgue for months - those responsible need to be fired https://t.co/EAOQTVj9p8

Kirsten Gillibrand (D) @SenGillibrand

Women's voices in elected office are so important! We need more women to get #offthesidelines and run for office! https://t.co/MinQMOdZDy

Kirsten Gillibrand (D) @SenGillibrand

I first ran for Congress to be a voice for the voiceless & to fight for our families. #WhySheRuns https://t.co/ek183Ne40q

Governor Rick Snyder (R) @onetoughnerd

RT @cuaa: #CUAA staff, faculty, & coaches join Sue Snyder's summit to end campus sexual assault #MISaferCampus https://t.co/hS01t1NePU

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) @RepSwalwell

1980 tuition cost, public 4yr college= $2320. By 2015= $9410. If dozen eggs followed the same rate, they would cost… https://t.co/dsJOvueHVq

Lacy Clay MO1st (D) @LacyClayMO1

What kind of man continues to bash a young woman because of how much she ways? #unfit Trump jumps into the gutter https://t.co/40lxwFxlIh

Markwayne Mullin (R) @MarkwayneMullin

The Hyde Amendment passed 40 years ago to stop U.S. taxpayer funded abortions, saving 2 million lives. #ProLife https://t.co/L9iAEagN7a

Markwayne Mullin (R) @MarkwayneMullin

The Hyde Amendment passed 40 years ago to stop U.S. taxpayer funded abortions, saving 2 million lives. #ProLife https://t.co/L9iAEagN7a

JohnCornyn (R) @JohnCornyn

Arcan Cetin, Cascade Mall shooting suspect, voted in 3 elections without U.S. citizenship - https://t.co/Kh21g94wVY - @washtimes

Mark Kirk (R) @SenatorKirk

My bill creating a Veterans Day Moment of Silence https://t.co/GlJMVQyPI5

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) @RosLehtinenCamp

Our #fundraising deadline is fast approaching. We need YOUR help today! Contribute 2 support proven leadership... https://t.co/UzWHn58dCY

Maggie for NH (D) @Maggie_Hassan

RT @Maggie_Hassan: Tough to believe national security comes first to @KellyAyotte when she's not even showing up to her committee meet… https://t.co/YMC3z5E2jA

Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @USRepLong: .@TableRockLakeMO homeowners will be helped by my amendment that was part of the #WRDA bill that passed last night: https://t.co/2RXpfpYp1a

Ted Cruz (R) @tedcruz

RT @MarkRuffalo: The princes of chaos unite. Ted Cruz offers debate help to Trump - The Washington Post https://t.co/YpmcesA19m

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D) @RepMarciaFudge

RT @Akram_Boutros: .@RepMarciaFudge put together a playlist to get kids moving to fight childhood obesity. What would you add? https://t.co/uNyKGEgSFH

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D) @RepMarciaFudge

MJ’s “Thriller.” James Brown’s “Super Bad.” Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls).” Have you heard my new @Spotify list?… https://t.co/seSk53NBLa

Pat Toomey (R) @PatToomey

Pat is honored to receive the support of the American Medical Association PAC and the Pennsylvania Medical Society… https://t.co/CGarDdhXQC

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

RT @AnnCoulter: REGISTER TO VOTE, TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!! ‘Missing’ White Voters Could Elect Trump. But First They Need To Register. https://t.co/dRHX1LKBAO

Senator Ted Cruz (R) @SenTedCruz

Nonpartisan GAO rules #Obamacare bureaucrats can’t bail out insurers at expense of taxpayers. https://t.co/lV5Yg2lgUa

Jose E. Serrano (D) @RepJoseSerrano

.@HHSGov @HRSAgov has awarded more than $800,000 in fed grants to 8 community health care centers in the #Bronx. https://t.co/DehqGNvI2O

Sen. Susan Collins (R) @SenatorCollins

Congratulations to Maine’s three Blue Ribbon Schools: Falmouth Middle, Reeds Brook, & Sea Road! #mepolitics https://t.co/Gm5qj4h9aU

Julia Brownley (D) @JuliaBrownley26

Veterans continue serving our country long after they put away their uniforms https://t.co/VnJlQQEa4u

Ed Royce (R) @RepEdRoyce

My #antipoaching bill is law. Good for #conservation, good for national security. The right thing to do. Learn more… https://t.co/DhizPytSIU

Virginia Foxx (R) @foxxforcongress

Defining Politics Today - Jeb Bush in conversation with Eric Schmidt - Z... https://t.co/tLJCCWvUIF via @YouTube

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

You want know who wishes they hadn’t made a deal? All of the small business owners stiffed by Donald Trump. https://t.co/glWnLHWikG

Governor Rick Snyder (R) @onetoughnerd

LIVE NOW: We're back at the 2016 Campus Sexual Assault Summit in Ann Arbor: https://t.co/wGh2s9NAes #misafercampus

Marco Rubio (R) @marcorubio

Good to talk to @rickklein and @ESPNAndyKatz about Jose Fernandez today. Listen to the interview here: https://t.co/Qw2EljlgqU

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D) @RepPerlmutter

Students: You can complete your 2017-18 #FASFA form starting October 1 → https://t.co/HI0Ry14tr0

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

#TBT to going "Behind the Bar" w/ @Starbucks & learning about their local food donation program. #NationalCoffeeDay https://t.co/HIf1PBeIae

Senator John Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven

Congrats to Nancy Dauwen of Sheyenne HS for winning 2017 ND Teacher of the Year, from @inforum: https://t.co/ln5G2WZjHq

Rep. Scott Peters (D) @RepScottPeters

Proud to receive a 100% score from the National Parks Action Fund for our work to protect … https://t.co/WOjCMfBRfZ https://t.co/6mFFPfxDSE

US Rep. Rick Nolan (D) @USRepRickNolan

Once again, Congress narrowly avoided a Gov shutdown. We can't afford to govern by crisis management. Read more:… https://t.co/BHltbfIV8X

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D) @RepMarciaFudge

New guidelines have implemented for the 2017-2018 FAFSA. Submit your forms beginning Oct.1.: https://t.co/yydwrvn4RY https://t.co/gG5dR8mLgE

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