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John Conyers (D) @RepJohnConyers

RT @HouseJudDems: Committee Dems signed a letter to @TheJusticeDept requesting an investigation into donations sent to FL AG Bondi https://t.co/Tn0gpfaTnn

Rep. John Sarbanes (D) @RepSarbanes

Nice piece by @Lessig about how big money pollutes our politics and our democracy: https://t.co/n7NWE0JBJ0. @SierraClub #FightBigMoney

Mark Kirk (R) @SenatorKirk

RT @SenatorKirk: I lead Congress in fighting for the health of #GreatLakes to ensure future gens. have access to clean drinking water https://t.co/Ah60kzptRX

Bernie Sanders (I) @BernieSanders

I applaud the broad coalition that has organized a national day of action to ensure Congress #StopTPP https://t.co/XUxnzNvIrk

Dr. Jill Stein (I) @DrJillStein

.@BillKristol gushes over HRC, waiting for her to re-start the #PANC. Yet we already see the impact of wars for oil. #PeaceOffensive

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R) @RepKevinCramer

Thanks @NFIB for the Small Business Guardian Award. I'm proud to stand with them to grow, prosper & protect their rights. @HouseCommerce

Terry McAuliffe (D) @GovernorVA

Gov releases web portal to aid displaced students in VA impacted by ITT's nationwide closure https://t.co/eqqd6v1Q6U https://t.co/HSdKgVNncn

Mike Thompson (D) @RepThompson

RT @RepKClark: Survivors, moms like Felicia & Catherine get up every day & fight to end #gunviolence. Why won't Congress? #gunvote https://t.co/46FLdMFyMK

Richard Blumenthal (D) @SenBlumenthal

RT @RepEsty: There are 504 known gun violence victims in Sept. Each life was precious. Each paid the price for Congress's inaction. This is who they are:

Richard Blumenthal (D) @SenBlumenthal

RT @RepEsty: There are 504 known gun violence victims in Sept. Each life was precious. Each paid the price for Congress's inaction. This is who they are:

Mike Thompson (D) @RepThompson

RT @RepKClark: The American people will not forget & will not stand for Congress' continued silence on #GunViolence. #Gunvote https://t.co/y5Gi4miJJV

Mike Thompson (D) @RepThompson

RT @RepKClark: Catherine's 10 y/o daughter was shot to death when her abuser bought a gun online. They deserve a #gunvote. https://t.co/jENF5uRPzi

Elizabeth Esty (D) @RepEsty

An unidentified man shot dead in Delhi, California on Thursday.

Mark Kirk (R) @MarkKirk

Revisa mi ad nuevo sobre como yo prioritizo las familias Hispanas en Illinois. #ilsen https://t.co/kctW4KcxaE

Mike Thompson (D) @RepThompson

RT @RepRoybalAllard: 272 mass shootings in 2016. @SpeakerRyan, give us a vote on gun violence prevention legislation! #NoFlyNoBuy #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

You can watch my full comments on the way premiums are affecting the lives of East Tennesseans here: https://t.co/OEaNDAcuP1 @GOPoversight

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/p1DIFlRhK6 Examining the Affordable Care Acts Premium Increases-OGR-9/14/2016

Betty McCollum (D) @BettyMcCollum04

Congratulations to Dr. Carla Hayden on her historic swearing-in as the 14th #LibrarianofCongress! https://t.co/dTufRlqxbB

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

Examining the Affordable Care Acts Premium Increases-OGR-9/14/2016: https://t.co/p1DIFlRhK6 via @YouTube

Gregg Harper (R) @GreggHarper

mikeconawaytx11 from Texas and I had the privilege of serving together on the House Ethics… https://t.co/SY3t0VvAnf

Bill Johnson (R) @RepBillJohnson

I am honored to received the "Guardian of Small Business" award on behalf of #OH06 @NFIB https://t.co/vSAidokESq

Sen Dianne Feinstein (D) @SenFeinstein

The Senate in 2005 did its job to confirm the #SCOTUS nominee The Senate in 2016 also needs to do its job. #DoYourJob

Senator Joe Donnelly (D) @SenDonnelly

Joe met w/ Lt Gen Scott Rice, Director of Air National Guard & Lt Col Patrick McConnell @AirNatlGuard Breakfast. https://t.co/cjMIOOiX6Y

Chris Murphy (D) @ChrisMurphyCT

While Congress was away for the longest recess in recent history, more than 4,000 American were killed by guns

Lloyd Doggett (D) @RepLloydDoggett

Spoke about citizen initiatives to curb drug corporations' price gouging. Efforts like these send a ripple of hope. https://t.co/ULIqbV3g44

Congressmember Bass (D) @RepKarenBass

This Friday's event will include distinguished remarks from President @FNyusi. More info here: https://t.co/8vp4SCIOfg #AfricaBraintrust16

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

Slattery & Joyce — The Jewish take over of Academia https://t.co/PK0vvzs3wa

Rep. Jim McGovern (D) @RepMcGovern

1 in 5 kids in America are in #poverty. Proud to join @ThousandDays in the push to help families in need. #1000days https://t.co/gKYc0VaxM7

Donna Edwards (D) @DonnaFEdwards

RT @_BrookieB_: Donate to @DonnaFEdwards and build the Senate we need to fight for the people. https://t.co/LHnu8rj4fp

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Elijah E. Cummings (D) @RepCummings

RT @OversightDems: .@RepCummings: We need to talk about drug companies that are jacking up the prices of their drugs https://t.co/aDA1ZY8wjy

Ted Cruz (R) @tedcruz

RT @resurgent: 'The proposal to give away control of the internet poses a significant threat to our freedom...' - @TedCruz: https://t.co/w4xVi9fb6m

Rep Donna F Edwards (D) @repdonnaedwards

Thanks for having me and enjoyed the conversation/discussion. Enjoyable evening! https://t.co/LzE8XFLlPn

Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @TonyOrlando: I predict that @CrissAngel will do for pediatric cancer what Jerry Lewis did and has done for Muscular Dystrophy and (cont.)

Billy Long (R) @auctnr1

RT @TonyOrlando: What an honor it was the be the host of @CrissAngel 's HELP event for pediatric cancer! Congratulations, Criss! https://t.co/BoGoe49qFz

Peter Roskam (R) @PeterRoskam

Federal officials identify 387,000 disabled borrowers who might qualify to have student loans forgiven. https://t.co/gc26zaDCYh

Peter Roskam (R) @PeterRoskam

Their son dies, his student loan is forgiven, and the family is hit with tens of thousands of dollars in taxes https://t.co/gc26zam26J

Mark Warner (D) @MarkWarner

Glad our @LGRalphNorman is helping keep Va. open & inclusive. Agree, @NCAA should consider relocating here. https://t.co/bVIMLHJFJL

Scott Taylor (R) @Scotttaylorva

RT @SangYi: Great evening supporting fellow Virginian and Navy veteran @scotttaylorva for Congress with… https://t.co/eRLazRZXSf

Rep. Doug Collins (R) @RepDougCollins

#Communitypharmacists play an essential role in our healthcare system by serving as some of the most easily accessible health professionals

Chris Stewart (R) @StewartforUtah

Work hard, do your best, and you’ll achieve your dreams. - Congressman Chris Stewart #utpol

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