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Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

Why the CARERS Act is so significant for marijuana policy reform https://t.co/iVGfvmCNpD via @BrookingsInst .Ask your rep. to co-sponsor

Jim Cooper (D) @repjimcooper

It was a privilege to work with a man of such integrity and high standards. I feel honored to have known him.

Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

RT @BeschlossDC: Harry Truman writes tomorrow 1945 after becoming President on FDR’s death, “I’m in up to my neck”: https://t.co/H24ePU1sJa

Jim Cooper (D) @repjimcooper

These vicious, discriminatory bills will hurt our state and must be stopped. All are welcome in the Volunteer State. https://t.co/j1msNhOjTG

Jim Cooper (D) @repjimcooper

He imagined the ‘It’ city before we became one. A kind and wonderful gentleman, he was the best of the South. https://t.co/BIc4knJpVS

Marsha Blackburn (R) @MarshaBlackburn

“We must address rising sea levels to defeat ISIS. LOL.” #terrordeniers https://t.co/ZZVpmSqwjH

Jim Cooper (D) @repjimcooper

Whatever path we take, we cannot let this quarry hurt Nashville. https://t.co/6AJLmYzrds

Jim Cooper (D) @repjimcooper

RT @rollcall: Associated Press reporting one Capitol Police officer shot, not seriously, and the shooter in custody.

Marsha Blackburn (R) @MarshaBlackburn

RT @AjitPaiFCC: Man arrested on outstanding warrant for failing to return VHS tape of @tomgreenlive's "Freddy Got Fingered" in 2002. https://t.co/I6sRbmBmaZ

Marsha Blackburn (R) @MarshaBlackburn

The nation's biggest violator of HIPPA law is the fed Govt. Go figure https://t.co/Ir9GnnV5pZ

Chuck Fleischmann (R) @RepChuck

Check out today's story from @Roll's @lindsemcpherson on my parent's battle with cancer: https://t.co/v8vWZvuvmG https://t.co/oORIKHZf07

Rep John Duncan Jr. (R) @RepJohnDuncanJr

I was very pleased with last night's @GOP debate. It was so nice to see the candidates avoid personal attacks and have an informative event.

Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

Bowled at White House Fri.w PBA champ Gary Fauklner of #Memphis & family& my staff.I bowled 4 balls.2 strikes &1 pin shy spare. Not shabby!

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Steve Cohen (D) @RepCohen

Congress should act on #VotingRightsAct ,income inequality,criminal justice reform,#marijuana scheduling, @NIH funding

Scott DesJarlais (R) @DesJarlaisTN04

Please call our Murfreesboro office at 615-896-1986. We are happy to help. @jdjoe22

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