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Lee Zeldin (R) @leezeldin

RT if you want a new direction for America and you are ready to #TermLimitTim! http://t.co/mUiJRgC22s

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Tim Ryan (D) @TimRyan

I applaud @samhsagov & @HHSGov for directing $99 Million to improve mental health services. Our nations mental health should be top priority

Gwen Graham (D) @GwenForCongress

RT @maxasteele: .@GwenForCongress ran the table on @Rep_Southerland in the first #FL02 debate. He got very frustrated and kept complaining about the rules.

Mike Michaud (D) @Michaud2014

"I'll be at the first debate Oct. 8 and I expect the governor will be here to." #MEPolitics

David Perdue (R) @Perduesenate

Join the coalition of women supporting Perdue, an outsider who will take real GA values to DC. http://t.co/YCZUmbFhVg http://t.co/BAV4zdIcVs

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Quinn for Illinois (D) @QuinnForIL

Make sure you #CelebrateNVRD the right way: by making sure you're registered to vote! http://t.co/rZtb3OKf5p http://t.co/UuIMcji8gF

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Asa Hutchinson (R) @AsaHutchinson

RT @APSRC: @AsaHutchinson praising the work of the Charter Authorizing Panel. Appreciates charters not taking up all of the time of the SBE #APSRC14

Hakeem Jeffries (D) @RepJeffries

RT @JacksonLeeTX18: Today is National Voter Registration Day! Get registered to vote at http://t.co/owOx87cjNz #CelebrateNVRD http://t.co/1CKDmNulZI

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April Freeman (D) @April4Congress

RT @UpSearchCoach: "Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers …” ~Colin Powell

April Freeman (D) @April4Congress

RT @WillMcAvoyACN: The question doctors can no longer ask in Florida: "Is there a gun in your home?" http://t.co/XgxiGkvsAw

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Mike McFadden (R) @MikeForMN

Vote early, request your absentee ballot today! Get more info here: http://t.co/wog1AHLqaj http://t.co/rvFaVUHhMv

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Alison L. Grimes (D) @AlisonForKY

Weird that a guy famous for saying "You're Fired" is endorsing @Team_Mitch, a notorious no-show, for "Speaker" #KYSen http://t.co/zxHKyKbgf7

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Chaka Fattah (D) @chakafattah

RT @washingtonpost: Prosecutors: White House fence jumper was arrested in July with sawed-off shotgun and map with White House circled http://t.co/YXLJVCYvJJ

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Cormick Lynch (R) @CormickLynch

Proud to stand with our next Governor - Mayor Allan Fung - as Ken Block endorses him at the Rhode Island State House this afternoon.

Eliot Cutler (I) @EliotCutler

There's only 1 candidate I reuse Maine's future to - and that's Eliot. -Sherry Huber #mepolitics

Rick Weiland (D) @People4Weiland

South Dakota needs a Senator who will talk about the issues, not someone who goes on a 54-day vacation #sdsen

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