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Gabriel Rothblatt (D) @gabeisgreat

To keep Florida beautiful and prepare for the future, we need to be good environmental stewards and smart about... http://t.co/WbC1pjiTly

Gabriel Rothblatt (D) @gabeisgreat

Una economía sólida significa buenos empleos y una mejor Florida. Fortalezcamos nuestra economía reduciendo los... http://t.co/PapUaDi3DX

Erin McClelland (D) @ErinforPA

Thrilled to be endorsed by the Post Gazete! http://t.co/2cmAxqmtCx #PA12

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David Perdue (R) @Perduesenate

Join us on the statewide RV tour today and show your support for #TeamPerdue! http://t.co/2tah8YQKFx http://t.co/tfbAB78nGr

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Senator Jon Tester (D) @SenatorTester

MT: @alfranken: It's great to have my friend @SenatorTester in #MN today for stops in Red Lake & White Earth. -Al http://t.co/IpRtLt0jBO

Senator Jon Tester (D) @SenatorTester

RT @IndianCommittee: @SenatorTester visits #Wisconsin to meet w/ tribes. Here @SenatorBaldwin & Mic Isham chairman, Lac Courte Oreilles http://t.co/1B7ZyjGhQ6

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Duke Aiona (R) @DukeAiona2014

Your vote is your voice. It's the most important part of this election. Early voting started this week. Don’t... http://t.co/YEZsSBYXAe

Rep. Bob Gibbs (R) @RepBobGibbs

This state-of-the-art facility continues to exceed the healthcare expectations for those in northwestern Ohio. @ClevelandClinic

Jeanne Shaheen (D) @JeanneShaheen

FACT CHECK: Jeanne Shaheen’s Voting Record Proves She’s For New Hampshire http://t.co/YkT5huLIv4

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Neal Marchbanks (D) @NealMarchbanks

"There's gridlock in Washington. No one wants to cooperation. Or in West Texas, as we call it, good old fashioned horsetrading." #TX19Debate

Tom Corbett (R) @CorbettforGov

.@WolfForPA is at your door and he’ll hoof and poof until he’s tripled your personal income tax. http://t.co/smPmRpHoIB

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Gabriel Rothblatt (D) @gabeisgreat

On the left we have the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, an incredible spaceship that will take commercial... http://t.co/wWGvOl08QG

Terry McAuliffe (D) @GovernorVA

Happy Diwali to all Virginians who are celebrating the ancient Indian festival of lights. http://t.co/AFGj1pE032

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Rep. Bob Gibbs (R) @RepBobGibbs

The Richard E. Jacobs Health Center is expected to open in 2016. @ClevelandClinic

Mark Greenberg (R) @MarkGreenbergCT

RT @newsgirlct: Conn. 5th District candidate Mark Greenberg with @nhregister editorial board today #ct5 http://t.co/lEmk67wFqA

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Kevin Strouse (D) @StrouseForPA

RT @Crad: Hopefully if @StrouseForPA wins he'll focus on being a representative and not a politician. It's too late for @RepFitzpatrick in that area.

Ron DeSantis (R) @RepDeSantis

Thank you @marthamaccallum for having me on-air to discuss yesterday's deadly attack at the Canadian capital! WATCH: http://t.co/pmgzXB991P.

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