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Jim McDermott (D) @RepJimMcDermott

We also reaffirm our American belief in hope that even from the deepest of divisions can come trust, reconciliation, and great friendship.

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

Diversity is our strength and Richard Spencer is the bad guy, right. #MAGA, speak out against #WhiteGenocide. https://t.co/gulhgMqjKP

U.S. Rep. Billy Long (R) @USRepLong

The Senate just passed #CuresNow by a vote of 94-5! Now on to the #POTUS. https://t.co/rsQmVkse3N

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

Richard Spencer Texas A&M - We wuz Kangs - I define you - (((Franz Boas))) - Out of Africa https://t.co/lVZFIojFohhttps://t.co/0AdpQhBPjO

Chuck Schumer (D) @SenSchumer

EPA nom Scott Pruitt stands with big oil & climate deniers, not American famines who fight for #CleanAir & #CleanWater

Adam Kinzinger (R) @RepKinzinger

Dr. Attar of @NorthwesternMed was in the heart of #Aleppo and saw children being targeted by #Assad & #Russia. https://t.co/bp6e2Iek3t

Chris Murphy (D) @ChrisMurphyCT

About to go live on @morning_joe to talk about @realdonaldtrump's erratic approach to #foreignpolicy. Watch live on @msnbc at 6:30 ET

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

The (((Hollywood))) elites are basically a domestic terrorist - their treachery has NOTHING to do with being "out o… https://t.co/6mVhsKb2Pe

Nancy Pelosi (D) @NancyPelosi

RT @jorge_aguilarDC: POR SI NO LO VISTE: @NancyPelosi advierte sobre los recortes que planea Paul Ryan contra #Medicare. https://t.co/h8m1esmxCZ

Sheila Jackson Lee (D) @JacksonLeeTX18

Congratulations to @GSUCoachFobbs and @Grambling1901 on being reigned as @theswac champions! I am very proud! https://t.co/qbShzdB0UF

Bernie Sanders (I) @SenSanders

We must break up the major financial institutions, pass 21st Century Glass-Steagall and impose a transaction fee on Wall Street speculation.

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

This just about sums up everything. https://t.co/cihy7B0DST

David Duke (R) @DrDavidDuke

Weinstein wants major cities that are occupied with "immigrants" to rule over us - (((New York))) (((Chicago))) (((… https://t.co/Hk9EPCPMIL

Bill Bryant (R) @BillBryantWA

RT @kenwklein: Inslee did what John Lovick did and used his veto pen to shut down good bipartisan legislation #WALeg. Need new leadership @BillBryantWA

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